Appnana Hack Tool - Unlimited Nanas

This is a working online AppNana Hack with no download or referral code. With this generator, you can get tons of nanas to redeem those awesome giftcards.

The Only True Hack

Over time, many people claiming to hack Appnana have swarmed the internet. Referral codes, referral bots, and the such are all fake. All these methods have been patched early 2019. Our cheat tool is unique - it's the only one that still works, thanks to our special exploits and techniques that we make sure to keep up to date. More on that later.

This works on many operating systems including iOS, Android, and Samsung.
In The Cloud
This is online only, no need to download potentially harmful files like apks or jailbreak your device.
The generated Nanas are cloaked to bypass Appnana's firewall.
We utilize IPv6 SOCKS Proxies as well as the latest SQL256 Encryption

Does this Appnana hack work?

With the fall of Appnana referral bots, we coded our generator from the ground up to integrate our new method of generating Appnanas. It's the only one working that is not patched as of 2019. You're wasting your time anywhere else. Our cheat method requires our own undetectable custom coded SQL 256 Injection exploits.

How it works:

The way it works is relatively simple and straight forward, but the code is very complex yet powerful. What happens is our tool injects your specified number of Nanas into one of Appnana's own offers. Then, you complete the offer injected with Nanas and you receive all of the hacked points. This is the only method that bypasses the firewall.

Generate Appnanas Today!

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Get The Most Out Of Our Appnana Hack

When you use our hack for AppNana, you'll be able to redeem many rewards with your generated Appnanas. You can use your Appnanas for Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Paypal Gift Cards, and much more. This is the only cheat you will ever need because you can use your Appnanas to buy Gift Cards in order to buy resources in game. You can get infinite gems for Clash of Clans and Clash Royal as well as other resources for other games including those that are multiplayer without being det.

With our generator, you'll quickly and easily become the best player of all your friends. Our tool is how many top players, including famous Youtubers get their Appnanas that they spend on the in-app purchases in games they play like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. If you want to be competitive, you better check it out!

What Is Appnana?

Appnana, formerly known as Appnana Sync or Tapjoy, is a mobile rewards service that rewards you giftcards for places like the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for earning Appnanas. You can earn these Appnanas by downloading several apps out of the limited list, completing other offers, and referring your friends to create an account while using your referral code - or you could just use our easy-to-use Appnana hack. It's very tedious to gain points the normal way in this app. Many people try downloading as many apps as they can which takes a while, as you may have already found out yourself. However, very few people actually accumulate enough points to even redeem an Appnana reward - that is, unless they use this cheat tool which makes it so much easier to get Appnanas and it's insanely simple to use too. After using it, you'll be able to redeem unlimited rewards. It is easy and effective.

Who Are We?

We are an elite team of three professional programmers who all graduated out of Cal Tech University. One of us previously worked for Appnana but were laid of for undisclosed reasons. Because of that, we know the ins and outs of their systems to create the exploits and glitches for our Appnana Hack and bypass their weak (and we mean weak) security protocols. We've been updating our cheat for Appnana Sync for nearly two years now and everything is still up and working. It's likely that our complex exploits we incorporated into our generator were coded so well that even Appnana can't reverse engineer and patch them. Since we first released the sync cheat tool, we've added three more servers located in Silicon Valley, Berlin, and Seoul. Anyways, back to our backstory. Our team has worked on many big projects in the past including Game Engine and a League of Legends bot. Nowdays, we contribute to open source projects like Atom, Kodi, Apache, and more when we're not updating our own projects including the Appnana hack. We thoroughly enjoy our work even if it sometimes doesn't pay the bills. In total, we've been programming since we were kids which equals about fifteen plus years of experience. We specialize in the coding languages of Python, Ruby, Go, and Node.js and also have decent experience in html and css.

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